CleanLight Air XL
CleanLight Air XL
CleanLight Air XL
CleanLight Air XL
CleanLight Air XL
CleanLight Air XL

CleanLight Air XL

Large Room UV Air Purifier - Sold Blank Only

Promote clean air and clean living with a CleanLight XL branded with your logo. Help your employees, clients, or friends eliminate pathogens from their air with this compact, but powerful, UV Air Purifier.
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CleanLight Air XL is the most compact air purifier for large rooms. Small & powerful, the CleanLight Air XL features a high-powered, whisper quiet fan that can purify up to 550 sq ft of space making it ideal for a home office, bedroom or living space. UV-C TECHNOLOGY + H13 HEPA FILTER Harmful particles travel through the air and can be ingested through the lungs, causing multiple ailments and illnesses. CleanLight AIr XL uses a combination of UV light and a certified Hepa filter to remove 99.995% of harmful particles from the air. BIG RESULTS, SMALL PACKAGE The CleanLight Air XL's compact size takes up less space and blends into your decor. At less than 8" tall, it is over 50% more compact than comparable air purifiers. NIGHT MODE FOR BETTER SLEEP The CleanLight Air XL features a night mode that turns off the LCD display, keeping your room dark for better sleep at night. PERFECT FOR HOME OFFICES & LIVING SPACES CleanLIght Air XL has a small but powerful fan that can produce a CADR of 100m3/h and purify a room up to 550 sq ft. Keep the CleanLight Air XL in your home office, living space or bedroom to breathe cleaner, fresher air all day. EASY TO REPLACE H13 HEPA FILTER Simply open the small latch on the back of the CleanLight Air XL to remove the filter and replace with a new one. Replacement filters can be found here.

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