RecoverID Sticky
RecoverID Sticky
RecoverID Sticky
RecoverID Sticky

RecoverID Sticky

Lost & Found Recovery Label - Sold Blank Only


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Protect Your Things With RecoverID

RecoverID is the safe and anonymous way to recover your lost items. The patented online service connects owners and finders directly and anonymously so items can be returned. These waterproof stickers feature a unique code that can be registered to your account quickly using any smartphone. RecoverID comes with lifetime registration and has a recovery rate of over 85%!

  • Easy To Use - Simply apply the sticker to your item and register it online. If someone finds your lost item, they can contact you anonymously through the website. 
  • Lifetime Loss Protection & 85% Recovery Rate - No Service Fees. Never needs to be recharged, upgraded or replaced.
  • Weatherproof Labels With QR Code & Website hold up to the elements and stay on your item
  • Easy & Rewarding Return Process - User-Friendly Website Makes it Easy to Return Lost Items (Includes Reward)
  • Easy to Apply to your phone, tablet, power tools, and more

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